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The Slim Vertical Card Wallet

The Slim Vertical Card Wallet

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Discover sleek minimalism with The Slim Vertical Card Wallet – a contemporary accessory for the modern minimalist. Crafted for efficiency, this wallet seamlessly fits into your pocket while offering ample space for essential cards. Efficiency and minimalism are wrapped into one sleek accessory. Keep your essential cards secure and easily accessible with The Slim Vertical Card Wallet.

Elevate your everyday carry with this stylish and compact vertical card wallet, combining practicality and trendiness. This slim vertical card wallet is designed for the modern individual. It provides a compact and stylish solution for carrying essential cards, ensuring convenience and fashion-forwardness in one.


  • Hold 4-10 cards
  • Quick access ID pocket
  • Durable threading
  • Bifold design
  • Ideal for minimalist
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